Friday, January 30, 2009

Who's Your Non-Tiger?

What players do you like to watch from other teams?  It could just be that you like their game, and enjoy seeing them play.  Maybe you wish they were a Tiger, even if it's only because you can't stand facing them, or because they've got a reputation as a "Tiger killer."  Maybe it's a fun personality that has you hooked.

Here are a couple of my favorite non-Tigers, and I'd like to hear yours.

I love to see Vladimir Guerrero play.  He's a bad ball hitter, and it's a lot fun to see him golf one off his shoe tops. He must really get under a pitcher's skin.

Jose Reyes is fun because he's hyper, and he drives pitchers crazy on the base paths.  His speed is something to behold.

I'm looking forward to watching young Carlos Gomez of the Twins' development.  He's fast, covers a lot of ground in the outfield--quite a sparkplug.

Roy Halladay is one of my most feared pitchers.  I don't like it when we face him.  Thankfully he's not an AL central foe.

I am always in awe of Albert Pujols.  I couldn't believe it when I read that the NL MVP was "wide open" this year.  I thought he was a lock.

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Kurt said...

I agree, Jose Reyes is fun to watch. I don't really have any ballplayers that compel me to turn in. Maybe a pitcher or two that I'll watch if they're on TV but no specific names are coming to me.

For me, it's more about trying to catch my "secondary" teams in action. I have a good friend in Oakland, so I root for the A's. Have a friend who worked at Miller Park, so I enjoyed rooting for the Brewers in September and (briefly) October too. So it was pretty fun watching CC Sabathia, I guess.