Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fernando Rodney: Man of Mystery

Fernando Rodney has appeared in four games for the Dominican Winter League team Leones del Escogido, with strongly mixed results.

In his first two outings, Dec 7 & Dec 12, he allowed no earned runs, 1 hit, 1 walk and three strikeouts over two innings.

In his second pair of outings, Dec 17 & Dec 20, he allowed 3 earned runs on 2 hits, with a walk and two strikeouts.   In the Dec 20 outing, he got only one out while allowing 2 earned runs.

Not exactly inspiring the confidence we need to make him our 2009 closer.

The one fun part about looking for Rodney's winter ball stats was finding this photo of him sans the King Tut facial hair and crooked hat.  Where is the intimidation factor now?  I like him much better with both.  It's like hearing Dave Stewart talk for the first time.   You look at him with his stare-down and think he's meaner than a junkyard dog, and then hear the high squeaky voice, and all the fear is gone.  I coin this photo "Fernando Lite."


Anonymous said...

So basically he's frustrating no matter where he pitches?

OldEnglish said...

Pretty much. I love the outings where he's got the batter hacking away at the devastating change up one minute, and giving up the long ball the next. Good old, gut churning stuff.