Friday, February 27, 2009

Step Away From the Window!

I admit that I've been jittery all off-season pondering and fretting a bit about our pitching.  However, I am not about to go off the deep end over some less than stellar first outings by some of the question marks here in Spring Training.  Many of the comments posted on the Freep's website after Jon Paul Morosi's article today were comic book hyperbole.  Call 911, 'cause these folks need to be talked down off the ledge.

Come on now.  Please tell me you're not seriously ready to release Dontrelle Willis and eat all the $ we owe him because he allowed four runs in just over an inning (two earned), and hit a batter.  Please tell me you're not ready to give the fifth starter's spot Porcello at this stage, who was himself so fraught with nerves before his outing yesterday he tells Jeff Jones "I can't do this relief thing."  Please tell me you don't really think Robertson's career is over after he's pitched all of two innings.  Please tell me you're not ready to write Bonderman off because Leyland's treating him with kid gloves a little here over the stiffness.

A little perspective is all we need to restore right-mindedness to these poor panicked people.  We're still 38 days away from opening day for the Tigers.  There are still 33 exhibition games to be played before the wins and losses actually count as wins and losses,  you see?

So, relax--pretend you're in a tropical clime sipping fruity drinks ocean-side while dolphins arc gracefully out of the water.  Inhale slowly, exhale slowly, and perform some stretches.  You'll feel a whole lot better.  You'll realize that there's a whole lot that needs to play out before several players get told they're not making the big club, or they're being relegated to mop up duty in the bull-pen.  That fifth spot in the rotation is going to be open for just a wee bit longer here.

There, and I didn't even take Psych 101 in college.


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