Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everyone Wants to Hear More on A-Roid

That post title is total sarcasm, of course.  Many hit their limit long ago, and the news is only three days old.  For some reason, I haven't gotten my fill just yet.  Maybe it's because Alex has always come off as a phony, concerned with putting out that perfect image.  So he gets his come-uppance now as news of his steroid use is publicized.  I've never really liked him much, and I laughed with snarky satisfaction when one of the 2006 ALDS announcers used the following phrase after A-Rod's bat broke as a result of one of his at-bats:  "the bat is shattered, just like the psyche of Alex Rodriguez."  His lack of post-season success really does point to a deep-seated insecurity and lack of mental fortitude.

Curtis Granderson was on Colin Cowherd's ESPN radio program today, and you can listen to the interview here.  It is "Insider" content, which is free with a subscription to ESPN the magazine.  Of course, Grandy was asked about A-Rod.  He gave all the clichéd answers we'd expect from a fellow ballplayer with no axe to grind.  He believed Alex was being truthful in the interview.  He was loath to criticize Rodriguez in almost any way, giving him credit for being under intense scrutiny in NYC, blah, blah, blah.   Grandy cited A-Rod's (presumed) post-roid numbers as a reason he hasn't lost respect for him.  Curtis did say that athletes are role models to kids, like it or not, but that he doesn't live his life trying to BE a role model, just doing what he believes to be right, and what would make his parents proud.  I like Curtis a lot, and it was certainly expecting too much to ask for any real critical commentary from him as a current MLB player, and ambassador of the game as it were.

I will say this, and it's nothing that hasn't already been said by others, but if you're going to confess, please don't assault our credulity with the outlandish claim that you didn't know what you were taking or who from whom you got it.  A world class athlete didn't know what was going into his body?  That is one of two equally blameworthy things:  an outright lie, or the height of foolishness.  Of which do you think A-Rod is guilty?

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Anonymous said...

A-Roid or Ster-Rod. I still cant decide with I like more.