Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Mystery of the Unstolen Bases

Last year in his ESPN blog, Curtis Granderson answered a reader's question as to why his stolen base attempts were down in 2008.  He said that he wasn't getting the green light as much, and basically said it was out of his control--that he had to wait for the go ahead.

Now, in one of his mailbag's pieces in his blog, Jason Beck fielded a question about Curtis stealing more bases.

He said that Grandy has a bit of a perfection issue with base stealing-in that he only goes when under the most ideal of circumstances.  That has resulted in a very high baserunner rating--he rarely gets caught--but fewer attempts.  Beck also mentioned that Andy Van Slyke had worked with Curtis on baserunning in 2007, which we may all remember prompted Granderson to look more for triples out of the box--and wow did that ever work like magic.

I guess both of these factors probably come into play a bit with Curtis' running game, but when I had read Curtis' own explanation late last season, I was more than a little bewildered--why on earth wouldn't he be getting the green light more often?  I  mean, he's not José Reyes or anything, but he should have been running a lot more last year, especially given our lack of overall team speed.

I'm hoping that Curtis, Jim and the rest of the coaching staff get on the same page so that he can swipe his fair share of bases this year.


Anonymous said...

I think that is a criticism some people have of Ichiro. He only steals when he KNOWS he can make it in safely. I hope Granderson isn't really that hardcore about his base stealing beliefs. Sometimes you just have to take a chance to get things going, right?

Plus, he's on my fantasy team and some steals would be really nice.

OldEnglish said...

Yeah, after last year's excruciating shutouts, we definitely need to take some chances.