Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rays Re-Joyce, It's Matt!

The February 8 edition of a paper known as The Ledger (out of that Florida town we Tiger fans revere so), has a nice little piece about our favorite friend of felines in distress and former Tiger Matt Joyce.  The article itself is quite interesting, but the little bio included is truly adorable.  Get your riveting facts about Matt Joyce's personal life--his favorite food is Italian, and he's an animal lover.  The bio actually uses his kitten-rescuing heroics from last summer to validate this very assertion!

Also listed in the bio is Matt's own web site, which you can find here, and be sure to check it out, because it's no amateurish thing.  It blares Dave Matthews' "Crash Into Me," and features a running slide show.  It's complete with stats, news articles, a bio, Q & A with Matt, and a web form via which fans can send Matt a personal message.  Slick--the modern prospect knows how to motivate his fan base early on.  I'm sorry to report this rather disturbing discrepancy, but in his Q & A when asked whether he's a dog or cat person, Matt replied that he is "all about dogs."   No, to be serious, I enjoyed reading about Matt, and I'm happy he got traded to the very place he'd want to be--his own back yard.   I'll try to control my pangs of regret each time he hits a home run for the Rays.

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