Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Available to the Highest (and most cosmopolitan) Bidder

In order to raise money for a very worthy cause--sending yours truly to Tigers ballgames, I am hereby offering at auction, the following treasure:

1 1992 Donruss Kirk Gibson baseball card, pictured below, in all its powder blue glory, graded pristine 23 by JLC Memorabilia.

Yes, I realize it will be a virtual impossibility for me to part with such a gem. However, I am willing to make the sacrifice for the good of the club. I'm very unselfish like that. Remember, the Tigers are unbeaten this year in games I have attended, and went 18-22 in 2009 when I graced them with my presence. So, cash in that certificate of deposit, raid (ahem, I mean temporarily borrow from) your child's college fund, sell your hair, gather returnables from trash cans in local parks, whatever it takes. Really. I mean it. Just think about the return you'll get on this investment.

In addition, consider the public service you will be doing by keeping something as wrong as Kirk Gibson in Royals blue out of the hands of those who might wish to abuse it.

I apologize that I am unable to accept personal checks. Money order, Paypal, cashier's checks, gold bullion, rare gemstones (no blood diamonds, please) and information that could be used to humiliate, torture or blackmail Rogo of Designate Robertson are all welcome currency.

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