Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

Brennan Boesch went two for four with a stolen base today. The kid now stands at .387 AVG, .397 OBP, .680 SLG, 1.077 OPS. If that doesn't make you giddy, I'm not sure what will. First Austin Jackson and now Boesch. We are getting oh so spoiled by these young children bursting out of the gate, taking MLB by storm. It's fun though, isn't it?

Yes, they will come back down to earth. Jackson has perhaps already begun his descent. That's ok. We're prepared for it. We are ready to be patient with possible slumps. Boesch misplayed a ball today. I swallowed my frustration. I mean, come on. What are you going to say to the kid? He's still learning left field. He's six foot four, and he stole a base with ease today. You gotta love that. I do, anyway.

Many sighs today for Miguel Cabrera. He comes up with the bases loaded, and we're down two, and he fails, epic fail. Magglio Ordóñez walked three times ahead of him today, and he had zero hits, zero RBI...sigh. Actually, more like AAAARRRRRGGGGHHH. Not a cute pirate-y arghh, either. Well, I'd better temper that since Miggy was 4-5 with the bases loaded coming into today's game. Ok. Ok. But still, we needed that, and the failure only brought up questions about him partying with the White Sox last night (especially since the game was rained out).

Now, our second and final west coast trip of the season. Get ready for some dark circles under the eyes, and some reduced production at the job site.

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