Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rain Delays and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Does anyone else sniff conspiracy? Cleveland was down one in this game. I know that's close, but do you think they wanted to resume play tonight? No. They want a coveted do-over. Fine. They got it. I hope we stomp them 20-0 in the make up game. OK. Maybe that's just the disappointment talking. But isn't it irksome to start a game, get half way through with a lead (slim as it may have been) and then just have it all unceremoniously erased like an end of the day chalkboard?

Both starters got chased out of this game in the third, ouch. Bonderman gave up an early solo shot to Sizemore and then looked ok, until Cleveland ripped off, what was it, four, five, six straight hits, including a three run dinger to a struggling Travis Hafner? Does it matter now that this partial game has been wiped off the books as if it had never been played? Sigh.

I give. I should just stop typing right now and go to sleep. Why swim in a sea of self-pity over a single regular season game getting postponed? I don't know! I'm a masochist, what can I say? Perhaps more accurately, I am a spoiled brat who can't stand to go two days without a game of baseball being completed. Well now. At least I'm honest.

In case you're concerned, I just checked Cleveland's forecast for tomorrow and mercifully it looks as if there's a pretty good chance of the game being played to a full nine innings. Also, I did verify availability of a bed at a local mental health facility, since my sanity seems to be rather absurdly dependent on baseball being played.

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