Sunday, February 28, 2010


So the Freep decides that torture is a valid form of journalism, and posts a 27 photo gallery of Curtis Granderson as a Yankee. There are photos of Curtis engaged in all manner of Spring Training activities, from fist bumps with Robinson Cano (while standing with his thumb tucked adorably under his belt loop) to chatting it up with Derek Jeter (sigh), to palling around with other former Tiger Marcus Thames (straight to the heart!), to mournful shots of his Yankee equipment, emblazoned with number 14 (whyyyyyy?).

I'm serious, it's like someone at the Freep just found out his/her significant other was cheating and had to inflict equal pain on the rest of us. Some solo shots of Jeter and A-Rod are thrown in there at the end,, they're Yankees, and everyone must care about what they are doing every waking moment of every day.

So, if you're feeling emotionally strong, go ahead, subject your self to the whole gallery.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way! I know they do it because he was such a popular player her in Detroit, but it is almost like rubbing salt in the open wound. - Skip