Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finding a Free Agent

So, Marcus Thames signs a minor league contract with the New York Yankees (boo, hiss). This prompts Buster Olney to point out Thames' "isolated power" as a good fit for Yankee Stadium. He also listed the 15 major leaguers who rank higher than Thames in this category. Number 11 on the list is Russell Branyan, who fellow blogger Rogo of Designate Robertson told me a while back would be one of his picks for the Tigers to sign. Branyan would bring a lefty bat at a much lower price tag than Johnny Damon, eater of octopus, fan of Steve Yzerman (spare me).

Are we too late for Branyan? What have the fish got on Motown? Sunny climes? The ocean? Michigan sees its fair share of the sun in the summer months, and we have the Great Lakes.

Who's your pick among the remaining free agents?

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