Monday, January 4, 2010

Upcoming Series

I finally came up with an idea for an off-season series that should prove interesting (well, interesting to me at least). I score all the games I go to with very few exceptions (like when my ten year old joins me at the park). For this series, I'm going to analyze all the games I attended during 2009 based mainly on my scorecards (supplemented with information from Baseball Reference).

My current estimate is that I went to approximately 25 games last season. We'll find out more specifically as I get into the scorecards. It should be interesting to see how many times I saw each starter pitch, and how they did at games I attended. If any trends emerge, I'll be sure to superstitiously follow along for next season. For example, if Justin Verlander pitches atrociously when I'm in attendance, I'll eschew the park on days he starts, promise. I'm all about superstition now that I've got a stash of unused playoff tickets stacking up in my desk.

Watch for the first installment of the series soon.

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