Monday, January 25, 2010

I Can Laugh at Myself

I think every baseball fan has just about had it with the offseason. There is no baseball. We are sad shells of our summer selves. Even though many clubs just had their winter fanfests, we are pining away, perhaps with an intensified longing, since our baseball tastes have been whetted. I did not attend TigerFest this year, but I watched some of the live feed on It was quite entertaining. Justin Verlander and Gerald Laird were very funny, messing around, trying to one-up each other. Jim Leyland joked about Fernando Rodney faking his lack of understanding of the English language at times.

So, I'm about to offer myself up as a sacrificial lamb of sorts here. Everyone needs a laugh, a distraction right now. It could help some poor soul make it through the off-season. OK. I will provide the humor by admitting something REALLY embarrassing, which is sure to be used against me. I'm just that kind of selfless person, who is willing to help others in their time of need.

Here goes.

A couple years back, my husband, son and I were staying at one of those indoor water park places. So we're frolicking in the chlorinated humidity, and my husband decides to have a little fun with me. He says, if you go stand under the 1000 gallon bucket of water (that tips over once every fifteen minutes) four times in a row, I'll go to a Tiger game with you. I jump at this offer without a moment's hesitation. I may have mentioned before that I have no pride. So, every fifteen minutes, I have to drop what I'm doing, run over to the giant bucket, and endure a 1000 gallon deluge. My husband was rolling in hysterics that I would sacrifice decorum and abase myself so willingly. I laughed at him in turn, smugly thinking to myself that I scored myself a night at the ballpark with very little effort. See? We both walked away happy.

OK, you've had a chuckle at my expense. Now, use that to try and make it through to February 18, when pitchers and catchers report.

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