Saturday, September 12, 2009

Game 141 Notes

I'm still riding high from Michigan's last minute (literally) comeback win over the Irish. Hail to the Victors! RichRod silences his critics with a win over Notre Dame. Woo hoo! Rogo seems to think some poor officiating affected the outcome. Does is surprise you that a Notre Dame fan is a whining sore loser? Also, Michigan State lost to Central, so I got to heckle my brother. Good day so far.

Now, for the Tigers to stop the skid. I thought about going up to the ballpark and taking one for the team by offering myself up as a slump-buster, but....

Oh, Miguel Cabrera swatted a mighty drive to break a 3-3 tie in the 5th. What a thing of beauty. Both the sound and sight of it were so majestic and thrilling. Thank you Miggy for that little piece of perfection. Chicks really do dig the long ball. Later in the game, FSN showed a replay of the homer and celebration. Miggy almost knocked Clete Thomas over with a massive chest bump. It was so adorable, I giggled with delight.

On to the horror show. Edwin Jackson must get nervous pitching in front of family. Mama and a whole row of relations were there to cheer EJ on, but we had to witness his mother shaking her head after Edwin served up home run shots to Vernon Wells and Marco Scutaro. Let's not have the family come to Comerica again this season, OK? I know I've said I'm not superstitious, but there's no point in being reckless with the post-season on the line.

Fernando Rodney made me cry tonight. Why, 'nando? There were two outs. TWO! We realize it wasn't a save situation, but you've gone too far. You could have just talked to Jim privately after the game, in his office, and let him know you can't handle the non-save. You could have pulled up your pant legs and worn high socks in protest. But a two-run homer? That was over the top.

That's all I've got. Any more and I'll be sobbing afresh.

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