Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Apology Is In Order

In my post yesterday I said that only Justin Verlander and Placido Polanco showed up for yesterday's game.

That was oh so wrong.

Gerald Laird continued his brilliant dominance of would-be base stealers, cutting down Carlos Gomez! and Denard Span. I can't believe some people persist in grousing about his lack of offense. Are you serious?

I'll take this guy any day of the week. Our problem isn't that our catcher isn't hitting, it's that our entire team isn't hitting. I'm far more inclined to forgive a light-hitting catcher than say a light hitting third baseman. Just sayin'.

Anyway, I'm very sorry Gerald Laird. You showed up in a big way yesterday.


saybow said...

well that double play that laird hit into with bases loaded? its a sad point to were if you do that? and he does way too often! thats "showing up"?? ya he threw anoter runner out and deserves golden glove, but dont excuse his pathetic hitting! and say he showed up! 1 big hit? and its 4 to 1!! but that would be too much to ask from laird? i know? showing up for him is getting a hit every 5 at bats! must be hard?

OldEnglish said...

I agree he's hitting jack, but its one position I can deal with that when the defensive upside is so huge. He's thrown out 41% of baserunners and his WARP is 1.8. Hitting would be bonus to what he's done.