Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Cannot Tell a Lie

It was me who jinxed the Tigers 10-0 shutout last night. I commented on Facebook about the game, and kerplooey it went in my face. My chagrin knows no limits. I am not superstitious, other than not mentioning a no-hitter when in progress. However, from now on I vow to hold fast to baseball players' mythical beliefs and cling to irrational, but structured routines, like not changing my underwear during a win streak. Think my family will mind? I'm the only female, so probably not (sadly). Could we have a little chat about hygiene? I'll save that for another post, since it's bound to involve a lengthy diatribe on my part.

Uh, Brandon Inge's tats are incredibly ugly, and because they're so prominent, he has no hope of them not being seen. Glad he likes 'em. If he has a third child, will that name go across his forehead in that huge, wicked font? Read Detroit4lyfe's post on them--it's very funny, with multiple rumors and updates on the story behind the ink.

I totally missed the dustup between Verlander and Laird, although I watched it on MLB.com today. I must've been playing Scrabble on Facebook while that went down. I'll retire to my nerdery now. I should know better than to try and multi-task during a game. I don't fit that female stereotype at all. One task at a time until completion, please.

I like Magglio in the three slot because he's getting on base more. He's brought his OBP up 20 points since the beginning of August (Baseball Reference). Maybe the Puma can continue to drive him in like last night. I think he can, I think he can, I think he can...

Please take the time to read Eye of the Tigers post on Cabrera's MVP candidacy. It's a well laid out, nicely documented argument, with good stats, and a nod to the current favorite, Joe Mauer. It's reassuring to know that my early season outburst of love for the big fella was not just a bunch of sychophantic blathering.

I doubt I'll be able to burn the midnight oil two nights in a row after being up past two last night. It's pathetic, but in my defense, I'm old. I'd better DVR the game just in case anything exciting happens. Also, the game will be safe from the hex I put on last night.

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