Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Time's a Charm

A wild one with a happy (not storybook, but happy) ending. Not too shabby for a kid's first MLB game, I'd say. Lots of action, lots of runs, extra base hits. Not exactly sharp from a defensive perspective, but hey, you can't have everything.

The nephew had a lot of fun at the game. His only disappointment was not getting a ball. He had a couple very near misses. During Twins batting practice, he was on the rail in right field. A ball came right to where he was standing, but the kid next to him snagged it. Then he went down to the rail in front of our section (104) while the Tigers were playing catch each inning. Magglio and Clete both threw balls up there several times. Again, one time he was close, with the kid right next to him coming away with the souvenir. He actually said he wished the game would go into extras so he could keep trying for a ball. Aw.

Alex Avila has 5 RBIs in his first 8 at bats. Holy cow is he squashing all that "it's way too soon" talk. No, it's only been two games, but it sure is fun to see him come in with a bang, and we got to see his first major league home run last night. It came into right field, but I didn't see anyone come over and try and retrieve the ball from the fan for Alex. Huh.

I guess my favorite part of the game was seeing Granderson get out of a pickle. Ok, technically he didn't get out of it, but the umpire blew the call, so it counts. That was incredible. And then the throw to second was also off, so everyone was safe on the play and a run scored. That was something to witness.

Fernando Rodney. Well, I can't even say I was surprised at that performance. Stressed, squirming, sweating it out? Yes. Surprised? No. It was all too routine. I don't complain, though, since all's well that ends well.

The White Sox loss served to complete a beautiful evening. Aunt takes nephew to first game ever, Tigers put on an offensive display, Tigers hold on to win, divisional rivals lose, Tigers pad lead in AL Central. What more could I possibly ask for on such a night?

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