Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008 One last thing...

OK.  I was done with my new blog for today (I mean yesterday now that's officially 28 minutes past midnight).   However, I could not "put this blog to bed" without saying this:

I'm aghast at all the trade rumors surrounding Magglio Ordoñez.  

Here's how you reward a player that has done nothing but hit an ALCS-clinching home run, hit two home runs in an inning, vie for 2007 MVP with Alex Rodriguez, win a batting title, contend for a second straight batting title, and endow a college scholarship fund for needy youth in the city of Detroit. 

You trade him to another team.

Please, shoot me now before I impale myself.

I know, I know, baseball's a business and the Tigers need fixing.

Still, I don't see why Magglio and the fans have to pay for mistakes management made last year in putting this team together.

I had to say my goodbyes to Magglio at Detroit's last home game yesterday.  It wasn't easy, and if a trade goes down, I'll be bitterly expressing myself here and to anyone at the Tigers who will listen.  I think I'll bring some protest signs with me to Tiger Fest.

I'll say this.  If he does get traded, Magglio went out in style, hitting a two-run shot to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth to send us to extras against the playoff-bound Rays.  Gracias for the parting gift, Magglio, and mucha suerte y felicidades to you if you're not with the Tigers next year.

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