Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008 It's all over but the crying.

I'm already nose-diving into my post-season, no Tigers in the playoffs depression, but to combat it, I'll try to sum up this travesty of a season.  Actually, that will only make it worse, but here goes anyway (with hopes that a much needed catharsis will result).  

Pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching, bullpen, bullpen, bullpen.

Shutouts, defense, shutouts, defense.

Injuries--but every team has those, so no excuses there.

Players shuffling to various positions, learning new positions in season.

Under-performance by key personnel--notice that no names are mentioned here--is it because this post would become too lengthy?

Did I mention bullpen implosions so tragic and so prolific they nearly led to severe stomach ulceration?

Poor team speed, and lack of green light to would-be runners (Granderson).

OK.  I can't go on any further.  It's far too painful to relive the multi-faceted dysfunction that led to this season's monumental failure.

There has already been a lot of activity in looking forward to 2009.  More on that tomorrow.

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