Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Inge Back to Third

OK, I know this happened a couple days ago now, but since this is a new blog, I'm reserving the right to go back and comment on things not immediate.  

Why does Brandon Inge, with a final 2008 BA of .205, get handed the 2009 starting third-baseman's job, when just the other day, Leyland said everyone will have to earn his spot, regardless of name (and salary?)?


I mean, I love Brandon's defense, it is highlight reel every night at third with him, and he's a quality individual, and you can see he plays with a real joy at third.  But, I'm sorry .205 is not going to get it.

For Jacque Jones and Craig Monroe, a BA higher than that meant designated for assignment.  For Ramon Santiago and Marcus Thames, they hit better and don't even get a shot at being an everyday player.  Leyland said Thames would get a shot this  year, but never stayed with him for any length of time.  

Granted Thames' defense isn't like Brandon's, but Ramon's nickname is Pacman for goodness sake.

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