Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tale of Two Teams

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The Tigers were atop the AL Central.  The Tigers got swept by the Red Sox.

Justin Verlander leads the American League in strikeouts.   Dontrelle Willis loses ability to throw strikes mid-game.

Rick Porcello wins AL Rookie of the Month.  Zach Miner and Nate Robertson show they are ineffective as relievers.

Ryan Perry comes in today and allows no hits, no walks.   The remainder of the Tigers pitching staff makes enemies with the strike zone, surrendering NINE walks.

Justin Verlander wins AL Pitcher of the Month.  The Tiger bats go silent.

Jeremy Bonderman is finally ready to come off the DL.  Carlos Guillen is still a long ways off.

Are you feeling the dichotomy?  I've got to be honest.  The top of the third inning today had me ready to assume the fetal position and sob/rock myself to sleep so I could escape the horrible sadness.

I hate losing to good teams, because I don't want to hear sports analysts say we can't match up with Boston or New York.

All I can say is shake it off boys, you've got the Angels on tap.

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