Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time to Get All Dolled Up

Tomorrow. I have a hot date. Tigers baseball at 1:05 on 97.1 FM. I'll be on time. I'll be aflutter with nervous excitement. I've been waiting so long. Dan and Jim's voices will sound melodious. It will be almost like I am there. If I close my eyes, I'll be able to feel the rays and smell the grass, I swear.

Soon I'll be singing the "Opening Day Song." My family will be pleading with me to stop. Their entreaties will fall on deaf ears. I will belt out the silly verse like Aretha Franklin singing "Natural Woman"...except I don't have her flawless vocal quality. Too bad.

How do you ready yourself for the rites of Spring? What's special to you about Opening Day or Spring Training games? Can't wait to hear your first date or "Same Time Next Year" stories.

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