Monday, January 3, 2011

Angst, Anxiety...Armando

Who's the Tiger you're most worried about going into the 2011 season?

For me, it's Armando Galarraga. We need him to pitch like that guy who pitched a perfect game, not like the guy who was afraid to throw a strike most of the time.

Could someone get in Armando's ear and brainwash him with positive thinking? I'll pay Tony Robbins to pump him full of clich├ęd, atta boy, rah rah psycho-babble. Yes, it would be worth every penny.

Galarraga ended the season with a WHIP of 1.34. He really only had one decent year--2008. He has asserted that he deserves a spot in the starting rotation, and got his undies in a twist when he got sent down to Toledo, but he doesn't always trust his stuff. He'd better dig deep and find a way to believe that he's got a big league arm, pitch to contact, and be a productive part of the rotation.

We've got Verlander and Scherzer--rock solid. I believe that Porcello will be just fine. Who really knows how Phil Coke's attempt to turn starter will go? I love Phil Coke. He's a great personality, and he pitched really well most of last year. But I really have no idea if that will translate over to starting pitcher. Therefore, it's all the more important that 'mando does his job.

So.......Armando Galarraga, stand up. Cowboy up. Pitch your potential.


Litzner said...

I think Armando will start out the year in the rotation, but if he falters during the year, I can see Leyland finding someone else to give a shot. *cough cough Jacob Turner cough cough*. Granted, I think he is still untested and raw that didn't stop him giving Rick Porcello a shot a few years ago.

OldEnglishD said...

Yeah, or Andy Oliver. Hope they don't rush Turner.