Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Off Day, Schmoff Day

Sullenness presides on days when there is no Tiger baseball. What, these athletes need a break from the rigors of travel and game-playing? Bah, humbug. Most players will tell you that when they’re hot, the last thing they want is an off-day to disrupt a streak. To make matters worse, my house was under a brown-out all weekend after a storm blew through on Friday night, so I didn’t get to see any Tiger baseball this weekend. I heard bits here and there on the radio, but by and large, missed out on the action. I tried to go watch Saturday’s game at Rogo’s bar, but he told me if I showed up he’d sic his 300-pound neanderthal bouncer on me. Can’t figure out why he’s so mean to me all the time.

So Miguel Montero doesn’t appreciate Jose Valverde’s rather demonstrative ways on the mound, huh? I missed all this due to the aforementioned brownout, and now I’m more sullen than ever.

I just got an email from Tigers.com, informing me of the terrifying fact that Brandon Inge is now in fifth place in the All-Star voting for third basemen. Eardrum rending screams issued from my mouth. What psychopath formed an army of idiots to stuff the ballot box for Inge? Don't get me wrong, I like Inge's defense and his qualities as a person who comes to the aid of suffering children, but he does not belong on the All Star team. At all. No. He doesn't. No. Nor does he deserve to win Player of the Game when he strikes out three times and makes an error, but somehow he wins it time after time. Add it to the list of unsolved mysteries. Sigh.


Greg Eno said...

Jennifer! Rogo would actually sic a brute on you? You're so sweet! The nerve of that guy!

OldEnglish said...

Well, Greg, your comment serves to prove how "sweet" I am. That little scenario was fabricated by me to have a little fun with Rogo. However, continue to think well of me and poorly of him. :)

Greg Eno said...

Oh, that's easy to do! Fabricate away!