Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue on Blue

UPDATE: Mixed results for Mr. Laird. One for four, but two RBI. Methinks he needs something a little stronger than just blue nail polish. He needs me to be AT the ballpark, in the flesh. I'm on it G Money, I'm on it.

Ryan Raburn was the apparent beneficiary of a superstitious move on part. Yesterday, in an attempt to affect the outcome of the game vs. the Nats, I painted my toenails blue. Well, what do you know? A scuffling Ryan Raburn smacked a three-run shot. Now I am in trouble, because I’m stuck with navy blue toenail polish. I don’t dare remove it. I was taught to always respect a streak, and if I think we’re winning because I am wearing blue toenail polish, we ARE winning because I’m wearing blue toenail polish. Ryan Raburn, you’re welcome. Feel free to thank me by leaving tickets at the player’s Will Call box.

Wardrobe choices now severely limited. Guess I’ll have to go out and buy more Tigers shirts. I wanted one that referenced Armando Galarraga’s perfect game anyway. Note that I did not say “nearly” perfect game. No. I will always refer to it as the perfect game, because he did in fact throw a perfect game. It is simply not reflected properly in the annals of Major League Baseball. So what. It was still perfect. Thank you very much. I’m not bitter.

Ok. I am all about using my powers for good. My next target? Gerald Laird. This poor man has been robbed of home runs, had extra base hits snared right out of the sky, and had all manner of ignominies perpetuated against him. It is just plain pathetic, for sobbing out loud. I will save you Gerald. Blue polish (gulp) applied to fingernails. No thanks necessary. It’s a public service I am glad to perform.

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