Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Game 14 Stream of Consciousness

Uh oh. Ryan Fields is in the booth with Rod today. His spiky hair is dangerous and could be the cause of scratched corneas. Consider yourself warned, Rod. Check that, Mario must've just been late getting to the park or performing some unknown duties, because Fields was only up there for the pregame. Eyeballs are safe.

For some inexplicable reason, I dislike Scott Kazmir. It may be reprehensible to hate on someone without cause, but I can't help my prejudices. I hope the Tigers can continue the barrage the Yankees began on Kazmir in his other start this season. Unfortunately, our numbers against Kazmir are abysmal. Well, his ERA against us isn't good, but all the people who hit him well must be gone, because Cabrera tops our current lineup at .273 against Kazmir. Um, not exactly confidence-inspiring, but let's hope we can get some RISP home tonight shall we?

Holy chalk lines, it's been 15 years since the Angels have had a rainout at home. That is incredible. I've been soaked at the park on many a night. So much, in fact, that I pack my rain jacket for every game, regardless of the forecast. That's because at one game, I had checked the weather carefully and it said 0% chance of rain. I left the rain jacket at home, and a storm cloud parked itself over the stadium and didn't let up all night.

I finally saw a shot of Damon's mohawk during the pregame, after reading all the stories about it--none of which featured photos. Damon has decided the long hair look's time has passed for him, but he wants to show us he's no longer a Yankee clone. Avila purportedly gave him the cut, and it looks pretty professionally done, actually. My son sports a faux-hawk, so I don't mind them. I'm just not a fan of a true hawk, with the shaved head. I know, you could care less about my opinion. Feel free to click over to Rob Neyer's blog at any time. Mario says Damon will walk into the clubhouse with a new harido every day, and "his teammates love it." Yes, Mario, I'm sure everyone's on pins and needles every day to see how he looks when he walks in.

Kazmir said he didn't have his slider last outing, and he's thrown all fastballs here in the first, so here's hoping that helps our cause. Kazmir strikes out mi Magglio in the first. See, I told you I don't like him. I knew I was right in this thinking.

The Tigers are 7-52 with RISP right now. Viewing that stat made me feel like someone just punched me in the stomach without warning. Please, Carlos, don't make it 7-53. Curses, it's now 7-53.

Pretty Little Ricky looks very, very young tonight. I think it's the fresh haircut.

Bobby Abreu is a very good baserunner. It always amazes me, because he totally looks like he'd be slow. Defying appearances, I like that.

MLB wrote that many clubs are reporting record low attendance so far this season. This makes me sad, regardless of the cause. I don't want too see baseball get marginalized. It already seems like the only thing anyone ever talks about in this country is football. Stop it!

I do not kid when I tell you I took a nap this afternoon in order to stay up for today's contest. Pathetic? Perhaps, but at least I know myself, and prepare accordingly.

Oh dear, our stranding RISP streak continues at a most painful pace. I begin to fear extreme measures may be necessary here. I am conjuring up a traditional RISP dance as I type. Seriously? Raburn scorches a stand up triple and we fail to bring him around? No. I cannot accept this. /dances awkwardly around the room in attempt to appease the stingy RISP gods. Do not expect video of that.

Apparently my dance has angered some unknown baseball gods, because the Angels have ripped off four straight hits, and now lead 3-0. I am penitent. Shake it off Rick.

I have come up with a new strategy to break the Tigers unfortunate run of stranding RISP. I will get a tattoo of the Old English D. I don't even consider this a sacrifice. I am more than happy to take one for the team. You could expect a photo of my ink to appear on this site at some point.

Haha, Torii Hunter makes a rare mental error and fails to leave the batter's box on a ball hit down the third base line. He unsuccessfully tries to argue the ball was fouled off his foot. Umpire not biting. Haha.

Hard luck for Laird. He hits it hard , but it's speared by the third baseman. I hate to point this out, but he's not cutting down baserunners like he was last year, either. If he doesn't improve on both fronts, we may see calls for Mike Rabelo. Ok. That was probably mean. Sorry.

Ajax strikes out for the third time tonight. Sigh. Long sigh.

At this point in the game, I am called away for a family emergency, so I was unable to view any more of our latest defeat. Actually, I just fell asleep, but that's a pretty embarrassing admission, considering I told you I took a nap in order to stay up for the game. Sorry I suck. I will try again tonight to keep the eyelids propped open.


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