Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Every Sports Plot in New York (ESPN)

I am biased toward the Motor City Bengals. I don't bury my allegiance. When it comes to our boys of summer, my ability to deal impartially may be impaired. I do attempt to be honest in my evaluation of the Tigers, but I'm sure many times I play the part of the homer. However, this blog is titled "Old English D." I'm supposed to have a slant. It's implied, it's obvious, it's assumed. I didn't set out to provide nonpartisan coverage of Major League Baseball.

The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network purports to be an independent, national media outlet. Someone must have forgotten to inform Sean McDonough, Rick Sutcliffe and Aaron Boone. This trio worked today's Yankees/Tigers spring finale. I knew the game was on ESPN, but I had to keep checking to make sure my television wasn't tuned to SNY.

When the Tigers were batting, the talk was all about the Yankee defense at EACH AND EVERY POSITION. When the Yankees came to the plate, dialogue remained NY-centric. Jeter lost the big stride, he'll be shortening his swing this year. Then came a dramatic rundown of the big "controversy" about him possibly not hitting leadoff this season. A-Rod dropped weight, and is in incredible shape. Really, we're still talking about someone being in the "best shape of his life" at this stage of Spring Training??? Swisher just got married, they hope he's not wearing his ring while batting.....I'm getting a migraine just recounting this swill.

Then there was the pronunciation of Tiger players' names. It was "Joe-ELL" Zumaya, and Fu-Te "Naa." I have heard many broadcasters say that they get proper pronunciations for players before the game, and even practice saying the names correctly. Such trivial details are not on the radar for our eminent professionals.

I get that Aaron Boone played for the Yankees. It was only for one year of his career, but he did have the ALCS game seven home run against the Red Sox, which cemented him, no doubt, as a "Yankee for Life." Not sure why former Cubs pitcher Sutcliffe would be all over the Bronx Bombers, but perhaps Boone has threatened to call him "Tricky Dick" on the air unless he toes the Yankee line. Sean McDonough has obviously been through ESPN's New York brain-washing process, and would never speak more than two words at a time about another team.

Maybe I'm just at the end of my rope. Maybe I can't handle two more days without regular season ball. Maybe I'm cranky because the mercury hasn't hit 40 all week. But maybe, just maybe ESPN believes that the New York Yankees are the only team that anyone in the country cares about. I would encourage you to let the esteemed network know that there are actually twenty nine other teams that exist, one of them in the same city (gasp!) as the players who wear pinstripes.


Litzner said...

Just be happy Joe Morgan isn't doing the broadcasts on ESPN anymore (he was horrible).

I've lived in Wichita, KS for five years and have been watching the Royals on the local Fox Sports channel and they have their bias as well, but they know their stuff too. It helps that the Royals have been pretty bad for those five years and it gives them time to talk about the other teams, but still....they at least know how to pronounce the names of players on other teams.

OldEnglishD said...

Too true. I think I would just mute the sound if Morgan were on the mic.

I noticed that the FSN guys here in Detroit said their share of annoying things too, but really were not as bad as the ESPN or Fox crews (McCarver and Buck).