Thursday, December 16, 2010

Forget Jerry Maguire, It's My "Free Fallin'" Moment Now

Cue the seraphim and cherubim, angelic choirs singing rapturously, and an old, awkward white lady trying to do the dougie. You know why I'm giddy. Magglio Ordóñez has reportedly signed a one year, $10-million dollar deal to remain in the Old English D.



Ok. Everyone may not feel as, hem, joyous as I do about this, but most will agree that Magglio was one of the best free-agent options left on the market.

We no longer have to ponder right field options such as Don Kelly and Willie Bloomquist. No more weeping and gnashing of teeth. Sorry. Was I the only one doing that?

Seriously though, we really needed our hero's bat. Desperately. We don't want to see Miguel Cabrera batting with as much protection as me stepping to the plate with a plastic fungo bat ever again.

I leave you to imagine my ecstatic warblings.


Nicole said...

I've been looking forward to this update.

OldEnglishD said...

Ha. I didn't know if I could really do justice to my emotions.

Tom said...

Magglio has always been a player. Good get.

Seriously, people still do the dougie? :)

Keep writing


OldEnglishD said...

Ha. It's a Detroit joke, because our third string quarterback Drew Stanton tried to do the dougie and failed miserably.