Friday, September 3, 2010

Things That Cannot Be Explained

I mentioned in a previous post that I have hardened my heart against the Tigers for the remainder of this season. It was a purely preservationist measure, as I could not endure any further breakage of that organ.

When we were down 6-3 last night, I decided to bail on the game and just pack it in for the night. It marked the first game this year that I just stopped watching. However, circumstances conspired to pull me back in. First, my husband called up the stairs to me that the game had been tied up. I groggily answered, "yeah, yeah." I did NOT plan to get out of bed to resume watching this thing. Then, a spider bit me. I am not joking! I had a red welt on my back that was smarting like nobody's business. Once I was out of bed to tend to this wound (the audacity of that spider!), I had to start watching again. Have I mentioned that I am very stupid?

Well, you know the crazed adventure I was in for. Countless botched double play balls on both sides, two starting pitchers burned by the Twinks in extras (hoooooooray!), and a home run by GERALD LAIRD capped a Tigers victory. Papa Grande went three innings, blew the save (not really his fault), but got the win. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Very, very odd. I could not celebrate this "too little, too late" win, but I managed a half-smile over the fact that the Twins rotation had suffered quite a blow. That's the impact we can look to have on the playoffs at this point--spoilers. Ah well.

See how I am all resigned now? I have finally given up, given in, given out for the 2010 season. It was freeing. If, by some amazing chance, you have not yet done so, I advise that you undertake letting go immediately. You'll thank me.


John Parent said...

I experienced the same freedom you described while watching the game yesterday. Once I let go of the anger, frustration, and anguish of missing out on the playoffs I could truly enjoy watching a baseball game again. Even when Rhymes let that throw go into centerfield, when two miscues allowed the Twins to tie the game in the 11th, I never got upset about it. Baseball was fun to watch again. I haven't enjoyed a game more this season than the one I watched last night.

Greg Eno said...

Hey Jennifer!!

Feeling better after three straight wins?

OldEnglish said...

I am sorry to say it but no. In letting go of playoff hopes, I also lost the ability to get excited over a few victories that don't count. I mean, I want the Tigers to win each time they go out here, but if I'm not going to get all postal when we lose, then by the same token, there is no rejoicing in a win. SIgh.

Greg Eno said...

They're dead to you!