Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's Make a Deal

I have to tell you something. The past couple days, after the Tigers suffered successive walkoff defeats at the hands of the Red Sox, I have been afraid to let myself read any articles, or listen to radio, or...anything. I've been petrified, quite literally, into total inaction. I can't figure out what to do with all this. The Tigers are seven games back. We are about to play the White Sox four times in three days. We could either climb back into this thing (however temporarily, setting us up for more heartbreak), or we could get buried.

Best I figure it, Monty Hall has set up:

Door Number One: I can give up the season for lost, sit back and watch the kids, try to figure out whether any of them are future Major Leaguers, start dreaming up a free-agent wish list, watch Miguel Cabrera get walked twenty zillion times, and find some way to go to an Arizona Fall League game. If I do this, and the Tigers end up making the playoffs, I will be Benedict Arnold in my own heart.

Door Number Two: I can keep the faith. I can get my heart stomped every night. I can find some way to deal with the pain (some way that doesn't involve substance abuse or binge eating). I can keep telling myself that we can win this division. Shut up. Stop laughing. Seriously.

Actually, my problem is that I cannot commit to either of these oh-so-attractive scenarios.

I'm looking for door number three.



jaxtigerfan said...

Your a Tiger fan. You root for the team, no matter the score, no matter how far back, and hope for the best.

Playing with 2 or 3 rookies a year is tough enough. The Tigers are well into double figure rookies, so how can you expect the team to win the way they were in June?

The Twins and ChiSox aren't playing with all those kids, and that's just a fact.

OldEnglish said...

True. But...the thing that bothers me is that the Red Sox had just as many significant injuries, and look at their record. Their farm system is that much better than ours. Sigh.