Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mourning Magglio

I can only say that fate smiled upon me tonight in one small way. I did not witness the accident at home plate in which Magglio Ordóñez broke his ankle. If I had, I would have most likely burst into tears on the spot. Seriously. As it was, when I watched the clip on, I felt queasy and misty all at the same time. It was horrifying. And devastating. And so not fixable.

Now some people might be all smug and satisfied that Magglio's option for next year will almost surely not vest.

Not me. Magglio has been MY TIGER since the middle of the 2006 season, when I asked myself in all seriousness, who IS my Tiger??? I didn't have one particular Tiger at the time, and the campaign finally got a hold of me. I had to have a Tiger. I settled on Magglio, and have never looked back. I'm very loyal. You may or may not remember that last year when everyone was calling for Magglio's outright release, I stood by him. I don't want to lose Magglio to free agency if his option doesn't kick in. I'm sorry. It's just how I feel. Sure there are fleeter afoot. Sure, he's the other side of 35 now. Whatever. I want him.

To top it all off, our playoff hopes are severely impacted. Our lack of depth has now reached crisis point. Terrific. You'll probably tell me next that Chicago traded for Prince Fielder. You know what? If they did, please spare me the news at least one more day.

Tonight is dark, maudlin, and hopeless. I don't think I'll sleep a wink.

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