Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

I've just got a bunch of short bits here today, so here goes:

Curtis Granderson must love to be busy, or else he doesn't know how to say no.  He's everywhere!  It was nice seeing him on TBS' division series coverage, though.

Both the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News did a piece on the 40th anniversary of Jose Feliciano's anthem rendition that rocked the nation.  I wasn't born until 1969, so I'd never heard it, although I had read Ernie's description of the incident.  Both articles linked to an audio of the anthem, and I thought it was incredible!  I loved it so much, I really can't understand what all the flap was about.  I guess that there were some major hang ups about traditional interpretation of the anthem at that time, but there is no denying the beauty of Feliciano's interpretation.  Here's the link, it's really worth a listen:

Also noteworthy was the 20th anniversary of Kirk Gibson's iconic, game winning, World Series home run as a Dodger.  I was a sophomore at the University of Michigan, and I didn't even see it live.  I was actually studying instead of watching the World Series--you can't get much nerdier than that!  My friends knew I loved Kirk Gibson, so someone ran to tell me what happened, and I saw the replays right away.  Now that home run has been enshrined as one of the most memorable, dramatic sports moments ever.  You go Kirk!

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